Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Federation Limited

Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Federation Limited,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

UPPCF Online Software (IFFCO)
S.No. Title Date Download
1   etender invited for paddy transportation in moradabad mandal districts 18/09/2019
2   etender is invited for paddy transport work in Lucknow mandal districts 18/09/2019
3   Etenders are invited for fertilizer/seed rack handling , transportation, loading, unloading anf rebagging works in pcf Districts 18/09/2019
4   Registration is opened for PCF Press work 03/09/2019
5   Etender for PCF Press binding Materilsa 29/08/2019
6   Eteneder for PCf Press Paper purchase 29/08/2019
7   pcf press printing works 29/08/2019
8   Tube well boring works at PCF HQ 21/08/2019
9   quotation invitation for rent the portion in pcf building, Lucknow 09/08/2019
10   quotation suchna for pcf printing work 05/08/2019